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mFieldWork helps humanitarian and development organizations leverage data and technology to deliver on their unique mission.
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Front Line Digital Transformation

Mobile Data Capture and Case Management: Capturing program data digitally increases data quality, reduces costs, and facilitates insights and learning. mFieldwork can support with advising, training and hands on action to choose and implement a technology and optimize indicators and workflows.

Data Literacy: Digital Transformation requires processes, technology and people.  mFieldWork can develop recruitment and capacity building initiatives to ensure you have the right people with the right skills for the future.

New Assistance and Engagement Models: Digital transformation includes important new ways to engage with target populations.  mFieldWork can help assess and deploy new technology and ways of working.

M&E and Assessment Advising

Evidence and Data in Remote Management and Hard to Reach: How do you monitor programs without regular and direct access to the populations you serve?  Is the evidence you have in these situations sufficient to take management decisions, ensure program quality and mitigate compliance concerns?  mFieldWork can help establish flexible, creative methods to ensure your programs in these tough settings are well evidenced.

Evaluations: mFieldWork designs and delivers evaluations to support learning and program improvement.

M&E Systems:  M&E system and data quality audits will identify opportunities for improvement and are an important due diligence tool.  mFieldWork can conduct audits and help implement recommendations.

Data Use Digital Transformation

Dashboards and Visualizations: How does management and staff at all levels consume data and use it for decision making?  We can collaborate with your management team to learn what they need to know and then implement the correct solutions.

Data Flows: How does data flow through your systems and teams?  How is it cleaned, aggregated, stored and transmitted?  We can run a consultative process with your team to map current processes and design the right processes and technology to improve quality and efficiency.

Our clients

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About us

We believe data and technology will transform the scope and quality of humanitarian programming.

History: mFieldWork was founded in Nairobi, Kenya in 2012 in response to information management challenges experienced by the humanitarian community during the 2011 Somali famine.

mFieldWork delivered an improved mobile data capture platform and monitoring and evaluation system design services.  After a break to work on the crisis in Syria, Leith relaunched mFieldWork in 2019 with a focus on evidence quality and technology and data use.

How We Work: Capacity building and sustainability is an important principle in all our digital transformation work.  We’ll always be as hands-on as you need, but our objective is to ultimately hand new solutions and processes back to your team for ongoing use, maintenance and improvement.  We’ll keep things simple and always provide strong documentation and training.

Team: mFieldwork is a distributed team of associates and partners. We bring key experience, technical skills, local knowledge and surge capacity to ensure mFieldWork helps you deliver on your unique mandate.

Leith Baker

Leith has 18 years of experience delivering evidence-based, technology-enabled humanitarian and development programming in 17 countries. Leith founded mFieldWork in 2013.

Location: USA

Alex Muriithi

Alex was the second hire at mFieldWork when we started in 2013. He’s an ODK ninja and our go-to developer. Alex has provided remote support to humanitarians in more than a dozen countries.

Location: KENYA

Hiba Yagmour

Hiba has delivered information management support to operations in Syria for three years. She’s an expert with PowerBi, knowledge management architecture, and mobile data capture.

Location: SUDAN

Lisa Peterson

Lisa is a humanitarian information management expert with 13 years of experience with NGOs and the United Nations.

Location: USA

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